excludeOutboundIPRanges wont help communication between init-container and the service running on other pod

I have an application-A deployed in a pod and ISTIO strict mode is ON on that pod.
now i have main application which connect to application-A from the init-container of main application on which ISTIO strict mode is ON but it cant able to connect to application-A using curl command.

I was able to connect to the application-A from init-container of main application when ISTIO strict mode is OFF.

i have explored in google and found 3 ways to enable communication in following documentation

according to that i have added “excludeOutboundIPRanges :” in my deployment yaml file.
as below
spec: replicas: {{ .Values.replicaCount }} template: metadata: annotations: traffic.sidecar.istio.io/excludeOutboundIPRanges:
im accesing the application-A running in a pod using :80.

by adding excludeOutboundIPRanges also i cant able to access the application-A using curl command in init-container of main application.

can i know what im doing wrong and how should i connect to other application using curl command from init container?

note: im using istio-init and not using istio-cni.