Istio Gateway https issue with Avast Web Shield

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with and/or input on the following?

We have issues with HTTPS traffic on our Istio Gateway if the “Enable HTTPS scanning” option of Avast Web Shield is enabled:


We enabled logs on the Istio ingress gateway and see the OPTIONS call still come in (and return 200), but the subsequent GET is never sent. So it seems to be blocked by Avast on the client.

Could this be related to an HTTP/2 connection? Before we were using the Nginx ingress operator, and we did not have any issues.

Any help from anyone? Thanks!

PS: we’re running Istio 1.7.4.

We still have the same issue, on Istio 1.8.2 meantime.

Are we really the only ones to see this? :thinking: