Istio LDS in STALE state

I’m having the issue that my Istio proxy-status via istioctl is showing a STALE state on LDS.


REDACTED.REDACTED                              SYNCED     STALE (Never Acknowledged)     SYNCED     SYNCED       istio-pilot-5b8f9488dc-x7vx9     1.4.0

Also my pilot log shows the following:

2019-12-09T13:45:45.446653Z	warn	ads	ADS:LDS: ACK ERROR sidecar~ (REDACTED.REDACTED) Internal:Error adding/updating listener(s) error adding listener '': multiple filter chains with overlapping matching rules are defined

We have already removed a duplicate ServiceEntry, but cannot find anything duplicate now.

Any ideas what could be wrong? How can I get the state into SYNCED again?

Best regards,

We solved it. It was a certain VS and GW at our side.