Istio-proxy container leaking HTTP connections?

I have Istio v1.8.4 installed and running well on K8s v1.18 cluster.
I made an app container with a (Go) code that creates an outbound connection to some external website.
Instead of re-using that connection , I prefer to close the connection after 1 minute (special case, I know)
I use Resty client for that.

client := resty.New()
client.SetRetryWaitTime(2 * time.Second).SetRetryCount(2).SetCloseConnection(true).SetTimeout(time.Second * 5)

after several days : I’ve noticed the Istio-proxy memory rise. If I turn SetCloseConnection(false) : the memory is flat.

two options here:

  • The remote server doesn’t honor closeConnection flag (i.e. close connection after reply)
  • istio-proxy doesn’t honor close connection … thus you can see the graph. the app container in purple. the istio proxy container in orange.
    . if I recall correctly , istio-proxy idle connection timeout is 1hr.
    what is best approach to log this issue ?