Istio proxy skipping sending spans

While i am able to see the context propagation happening correctly for my micro services along with istio proxies, some times the istio proxies fail to generate spans. This leads to the broken propagation of span context leading to “invalid parent span IDs=c5b7cd08a3c1ed94; skipping clock skew adjustment”

Is there configuration tuning missing here ?

Is this possibly the same issue as reported here: ?

Yes it appears to be same. Let me download istio 1.5.2 and repeat the steps. Will keep posted.

Im having some issues in installing the version 1.5.2. Raised an issue as follows:

This issue is resolved after upgrading to istio 1.5.2.
However, I can some additional spans related to istio-mixer popping out few occasions. Is this expected? Why doesn’t it come for every trace?

There is caching for policy checks, so you shouldn’t see calls to Mixer for each request.

Also, please be aware that Mixer is deprecated and will be completely removed from Istio in the 1.8 release.