Istio Sidecar Issues with JNLP Agent and Confluence

Has anyone had any luck with deploying Istio sidecars with Jenkins JNLP Agent pods and/or Confluence webpage pod?

The JNLP Agent gets created by the Kubernetes plugin in Jenkins but can’t talk back to Jenkins, I’m assuming this is related to a headless deployment but couldn’t find much about this.

Confluence works when accessing the nodePort but when put behind the ingress gateway it returns an error that seems like a header issue, something like " is supposed to be a lower hex number" and that random string changes each time I refresh. I get the same error if I don’t use one of the example sidecar configs and list the two ports.

If you did get this working with the JNLP agent or Confluence I would really appreciate assistance or documentation I can dig into (other than google, I’ve almost memorized all the links by now).

I too have exactly the same issue…

Any ideas?

I also got hit by this one!

This was the fix that worked for us

  1. Ensure the jenkins pod ‘has’ ISTIO sideloaded as normall

  2. Add the annotation “” and specify the address of your jenkins master…

    Something like this…

             cloud: cloudDefinition,
             yaml: podDefinition,
             annotations: [
               podAnnotation(key: "", value: "jenkinsiprange/24")

Hope this helps