Istiod 1.7.8 trying to work on the `istio-ingressgateway` service even when the gateway is disabled

Hi, i am upgrading istiod on my clusters and just did the first 1.6 -> 1.7

I do not run the default ingressgateway since i run a couple of custom ones and so we disable the default one in the istiooperator resource like

    - enabled: false        
      name: istio-ingressgateway
      namespace: istio-system

which is indeed preventing the default one to be created, but now the logs of istiod are full of
Work item handle failed (service "istio-ingressgateway" not found), retry after delay 1s … way more then 1 a second

I checked my test 1.9.1 and i see no issue there. Is there something i can do to stop 1.7.8 look for this service that does not exist ?