Istiod couldn't sense the crd's change when config a nacos mcp service

environment: k3s v1.21.2+k3s1, istio 1.10.2 nacos 2.0.2

i start a nacos mcp server, and change the istio’s demo.yaml

[root@localhost profiles]# vi demo.yaml 
kind: IstioOperator
    accessLogFile: /dev/stdout
    - address: xds://

the mcp server works well, service information pass through to the cluster. but when i try to config a istio gateway, it doesn’t work. and i try to config a virtualservice ,doesn’t work either.

here is what i found . when i start istio without mcp server config, the istiod would print logs while deploy CRD like gateway.

but when start istio with mcp server config, the istiod print nothing.

wish someone tell me what happen, do i config the mcp server wrong? or some other reason?