Kafka or RabbitMQ with Istio


Does Istio support Kafka or message brokers like RabbitMQ? We are exploring Istio to use it in one of our products. There are not many resources online explaining messaging with Istio.

Can anybody please share details/blogs/links that demonstrate message brokers with Istio?


@darshanlbangre I see no one responded to this thread, but did you ever get more information on this? If so, can you please share?



Hi, i’ve just managed to set up rabbitMQ with istio - with mutual TLS aswell (so the rabbit’s MTLS is unnecessary for cluster communication).
Info including helm charts are here:


Thanks. I will give this a try


Here is another example with RabbitMQ https://github.com/istio/tools/pull/108/files#diff-fcaeffad1728e66f77d20e5b3e2b1bbc