Lots of "No such name A" in multicluster tcpdump (several dns.qry.name)

Hi, Team,

I set up two multicluster via Istio 1.4.6 Replicated control planes following

When I tcpdump and filter dns, got several “No such name A …” query responses every few seconds on these “dns.qry.name”

1. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global.LocalNameSpace.svc.cluster.local"
2. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global.svc.cluster.local"
3. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global.cluster.local"

4. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global.ec2.internal"

5. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global.global"

6. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global.LocalNameSpace.global"

7. "RemoteService.RemoteNameSpace.global" (this query response good)

Are these DNS behavior expected?

If yes, does it mean all of the 7 format above can be used as “spec.hosts:” of ServiceEntry?

Btw, will these frequent routine queries impact the performance of multicluster?