Mixer Report failed with: UNAVAILABLE:Server is currently overloaded


I have did some basic load test for our application with istio 1.2.4 enabled. During the test i got following error.


  1. Mixer Report failed with: UNAVAILABLE:Server is currently overloaded. Please try again.
  2. Ingress gateway also thrown some errors.FYI, Please refer screenshot

Please let me know, how to fix these issues.


For Mixer, you have a few options:

  • Disable load-shedding, or put it in log-only mode
  • Adjust the load-shedding parameters to better meet your needs
  • Scale up the number of mixers to better distribute the load

Each of those comes with some amount of risk / cost.


Thanks for your quick reply. A load-shedding is disabled by default ! what i have seen in istio documents. FYI: https://istio.io/docs/reference/commands/mixs/.
Even i will try to set “–loadsheddingMode” disable and test it again.

And one more issues: Istio ingress also failing after some time,even 5 containers is up. Please guide me how to handle this.