Multi Primary in single network

Hi Community,

I am trying to setup a multi-primary control plane with 2 clusters within a single network as described here: Istio / Install Multi-Primary

After exchange of cluster secrets, each Istiod is registering the service of the other cluster, but calls to the service in the other cluster don’t go through successfully (503).

At this point I wonder, what are the exact requirements for the underlying network for this setup to work. Is it enough to put the clusters in the same VPC? Subnets? Does it require network settings on Kubernetes level such as Celium?

The requirement is pod-pod can communicate directly across clusters

Hey @hzxuzhonghu thanks for answering. Do you have more specifics on how to satisfy this requirement?

I think kubernetes uses virtual IPs to assign pod IPs. That IP wouldn’t be know between two different kubernetes clusters, even if they are on the same VPC let’s say.

Here is my current setup in AWS, with kubernetes cluster A and B and istio on both configured. As well as istio remote secrete exchanged: