How to set up multi-cluster (single control panel && multiple network) on AWS EKS?

For multi-cluster, I am using replicate control panel, works well but jaeger cannot cross two clusters.

So I want to try shared control panel, note that I am using aws eks

  • If the pod-to-pod cross two cluster are go through ingress-gateway, I think AWS eks support it.
  • If pod-to-pod cross two cross are not through ingress-gateway, I think AWS eks does not support it

So istio multi-clusters - Shared control plane for multiple networks, is this necessary?

all workload instances can reach each other directly without an Istio gateway, even cross clusters

It works.
I created two eks, one is eksctl, another is terraform, with two different vpc ip range.
I created peering vpc between them, and the pod can connect each other.
Then I installed per
Amazing, it works!