Multicluster v1.6.5 empty cacerts

I am moving a v1.4.x multicluster installation to v1.6.5. I follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial, installation seems to be correct. However, it seems that the cacert secret is not correctly read by the Istio-ingressgateway component.

2020-08-12T13:32:46.538015Z	info	Channel Connectivity change to READY
2020-08-12T13:32:46.539288Z	warn	secretfetcher	failed load server cert/key pair from secret cacerts: server cert or private key is empty
2020-08-12T13:32:46.629822Z	info	sds	SDS gRPC server for workload UDS starts, listening on "./etc/istio/proxy/SDS"

I can correctly read the secret using kubectl. Has someone experienced a similar problem?


Could this be related with