Unable to insert custom certificates

Hi Team,

I am following steps for plugging in existing ca certs as presented in documentation:

i am facing following issues:

  1. i am getting following error:
    warn secretfetcher failed load server cert/key pair from secret cacerts: server cert or private key is empty
    when i describe secret:
    Name: cacerts
    Namespace: istio-system

Type: Opaque


ca-cert.pem: 1318 bytes
ca-key.pem: 1679 bytes
cert-chain.pem: 1318 bytes
root-cert.pem: 1424 bytes

i dont see any cert value is empty

and one more issue as written in the documentation to check the difference between pod root cert and root cert of istio by using following command
diff -s /tmp/root-cert.crt.txt /tmp/pod-root-cert.crt.txt

i am not getting the proxy-cert3.pem i am only getting proxy-cert1 and proxycert2

can anyone help me on this