Need details on how to work on istioctl installer/operator

I have been working on adding the Kiali Operator to the istioctl installer and operator. See these PRs:

However, I am at an impasse. I don’t know how to properly integrate these two, get the tests to pass, and test this locally on my box. I only got this far through the help from people on Slack telling me the different parts I have to modify. I think I’m 90% done, but don’t know the rest I need.

I wanted to figure it out on my own, however, there is no documentation (as far as I am aware) on how a new developer learns what he/she needs in order to begin developing in istio/installer and istio/operator github repos. The in both repos merely point to the generic community docs - but that doesn’t talk about the installer or operator (neither does the Preparing for Dev doc or the Using the Code Base doc).

The kind of information I’m looking for is things like:

  1. How/what to touch when adding new or modifying current components in the installer (which sometimes requires touching the operator github repo - that little tidbit itself is important to know but quite hidden to new devs).

  2. How do you build operator and test the operator - how to do the same with installer (especially when you have to touch the operator repo - I assume somehow you need to build an artifact and get that pulled in so the installer tests can use it).

  3. How to locally test my changes via istioctl (especially if I need to touch things in operator - such as when adding new components).

This type of information in would be very helpful to new devs that want to contribute.