Possible reasons for no istio-proxy sidecar readinessProbe?

If I create a new cluster and make a deployment, the sidecar injection works fine and I see a readinessProbe on the istio-proxy container.

However, I have one cluster where the sidecar injector does not add a readinessProbe to the proxy for some reason.

Any ideas what could cause this? Thanks!

Sidenote: I plan on setting readiness.status.sidecar.istio.io/applicationPorts to the port my application is listening on. This is to make sure the proxies are configured (I’m seeing a 503 on the first connection, then immediately after, it starts working - though if I wait 2 minutes, I don’t see the 503 at all). Anyway, I figured this readinessProbe on the proxy would solve this issue, as it would not consider the Deployment to be ready until the proxy is configured.

If there’s anything else I would need to do besides that to get this functionality, any tips are greatly appreciated!

Btw: using Istio 1.3.4

Figured it out - turns out we had --set global.proxy.statusPort=0 set in the helm config.