Prometheus Operator PodMonitor

Recently, the prometheus operator got a PodMonitor:

The primary use case is scraping Pods directly without association with services directly as in sidecars. For example, I want to generically scape all Istio sidecars.

Is anyone exploring using Prometheus Operator PodMonitors with Istio already?

I am not aware of any work on PodMonitors + Istio. However, we would definitely welcome any contributions to the Istio installer repo (see:

Yeah, not sure as to timing with the next prometheus operator release including PodMonitors with the Istio 1.2 release schedule. Is there a target date for istio 1.2? I suppose an installer PR is harmless as long as it is held until next Prometheus Operator drops.

I wouldn’t worry about the Istio release cycle. We can add support to the installer separately. That installer doesn’t install the prom operator, so having a way to control generation of the CRs is all that would be required, I think.