Replicating service objects in multi cluster control plane setup


In the multi-cluster setup for istio with a central control plane approach as described here

In this approach, it requires us to make name resolution of service (eg: if I am trying to resolve my-service.default ) which sits in another cluster (let’s say cluster-1) to work. This can be achieved by creating k8s service resource, where we want to call the service(eg: cluster 2).

Is there any other approach to resolve name resolution here for the service? We have tried integrating consul with stub domain but it doesn’t work because the service need to call other service with the root name as described in stub domain and since istio uses k8s as service registry, the clusters which are available don’t match with the requested one. so instead of going through envoy endpoint for a cluster it will go through PassthroughCluster has anyone solve this without creating k8s service resource?