Retries for traffic via Gateway

I am currently evaluating a few different service mesh solutions, and as part of the set tests I have I wanted to try setting up a Gateway object pointing to a Virtual Service configured with both circuit breaking and retries.

When running my tests I can see the metrics for circuit breaking are incremented appropriately, but I cannot see any evidence for retries.

I know the retries are configured properly because when I hit the same Virtual Service with pod to pod traffic then the retries are happening, as evidenced by the metrics on the source pod.

I would expect these same metrics to be shown on the Gateway pod, which is accepting traffic via the Gateway if I route traffic to the Virtual Service via a Gateway object; however this does not seem to be the case.

I may very well be misunderstanding something here, but I would expect the retry functionality to be available for traffic that’s coming in via the Gateway.

Thanks in advance!