Traffic routing query

Hi team,

I have a service say A, which doesn’t need to exposed to outside the mesh/k8 cluster. So I don’t need a gateway for the virtual service of that service.

Now the virtual service has to divide the traffic based on the http url, to service A1, A2 and A3 for example.

So A1, A2 and A3 have their own K8s service, so the traffic gets routed there. Now I want to invoke service A from a client inside the mesh. The URL which I should hit is of virtual service A, which doesn’t have a K8s service equivalent, so it that doesn’t get resolved.

So my question is how do I have a virtual service inside the mesh, which can route traffic to various other service inside the mesh. From the client side, I always want to Invoke Service A only and based on the path, it should land on the other virtual service. So in that case, do I need to create K8s service for A, if yes, which pods should it select? The reason not to bring gateway is not exposing the service outside mesh as it need not be as well as reduce latency.

I hope I could explain the query, if not please let me know, I will try again. Thanks.