Routing rule not working for book info application

I am able to install and test book info application for default round robin behavior for reviews.
But when i add any destination rules the book info application works but the services like reviews, details become unavailable throws error.

Error in the book info application: Error fetching product reviews!

Istio version : 1.2.5
kubernetes :v1.10.11
Running on Docker for desktop win 10

Destination rule: kubectl apply -f samples/bookinfo/networking/destination-rule-all.yaml
Virtual service: kubectl apply -f samples/bookinfo/networking/virtual-service-all-v1.yaml

Any destination rule or virtual service rule i apply the services goes becomes unavailable (503 error)

Was reviews pod was up and running at the time when you applied yaml?

Maybe this is your problem:

This issue got resolved after unistalling and installing istio and restarting kubernetes cluster .

yes it was up and running . the default round robin was working without any issues. Any ways it got resolved after uninstalling and installing Istio again