Separate statistics per enpoint

Is it possible to create dashboard in grafana or something like this with statistics for every API enpoint, like in google endpoints?

And how?

P.S. Without using LightStep or another subscription servicesю

This can be done, but it involves more than just making the grafana dashboard.

A word of caution first: the request path info has been explicitly left out of the dimensions on a metrics over cardinality concerns.

That being said, it would be possible to change the configuration for the default metrics so as to include them, if you were sure that you were not going to have an explosion of paths. HTTP methods (GET, POST) and the request path are available attributes for use in metrics config. The attributes you would be interested in are: request.method and request.url_path.

Once you update the metrics, you could then make a new grafana dashboard to match your needs based on promql queries that match your updated metrics.

Hope that helps,

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