Standalone Operator Install [Experimental] , typo in namespace name

I was following the steps given in below link to install istio using operator.
I think kubectl command listed there says namespace as ‘istio-system’. I think it should be ‘istio-operator’
Am I correct?. If so, docs page should be updated with right namespace to avoid the confusion.

Which specific command are you referring to? I had a look at the docs and they seem ok but I may be missing what you’re talking about.
istio-operator is the namespace for the controller and CRD.
istio-system is for the rest of istio control plane.

I was referring to this below line

You can confirm the Istio control plane services have been deployed with the following commands:

kubectl get svc -n istio-system

If notice above, the name is istio-system. When I execute, I don’t find any resources.