Telemetry (metrics, logging) on PassthroughCluster


The new fix in 1.1.3 that creates an “allow_any” route for HTTP protocol made it possible to log requests for ports known by the Envoy sidecar (i.e: those that already have listeners), as a side effect it also made it possible to send telemetry to mixer about those requests and then to specific adapters (Prometheus, fluentd, stdio, etc.)
This made it possible to analyze all external mesh traffic (They are classified as “unknown”) via Kiali and through other means (Adapters).
For requests that don’t have any listeners (usually TCP but also ports that don’t have listeners for HTTP) it does not send any telemetry data, by default, it goes to the “virtual” listener on port 15001, as it does not find any match it passes it to the “PassthroughCluster” cluster, that “virtual” listener does not have any mixer attributes on the envoy tcp proxy filter.
Is there a way to add mixer attributes to the filter on the “virtual” listener on port 15001?
I tried adding using an “EnvoyFilter” CRD but that does not work.
It will be pretty awesome to get a full visibility for all the requests, even those that are not known to the mesh.

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It should be a straight forward pr to add mixer telemetry to the passthrough tcp proxy. I suggest doing it in master and back porting to 1.1


Here’s a PR for logs


Hi, is there a pr to add mixer telemetry to the passthrough cluster?