Testing 1.5, no traces with demo profile


I’m testing the 1.5 alpha.0 ( https://github.com/istio/istio/releases/tag/1.5.0-alpha.0 ) with Kiali and tracing, demo profile installed with istioctl manifest apply --set profile=demo. After installing some sample demo application, I expected to see some traces generated by proxies, but I don’t see any. Requests are performed but with no trace (checking with jaeger UI). When retrying with 1.4.3, I do see traces as I would expect.
Is there any intentional change about that?


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The release branch for 1.5 has recently been cut so there will be an upcoming RC within the new few weeks as the community gets ready for a new release. I’m sure this was just an oversight with a very early look into 1.5 as there are some significant changes in the pipeline. It’s a very exciting time.

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Ok, thanks. I guess if the problem remains with the next RC I will file a bug in github.