Troubleshooting "requested template "sidecar" not found; have"


I’m finding that my pods are not being successfully injected with a sidecar configuration. The error I receive is:

Error creating: admission webhook "" denied the request: failed to run injection template: requested template "sidecar" not found; have

(The error message appears to be either cut off at “have” or perhaps this error message is saying that there are no templates available at all).

I have worked through this troubleshooting article: Istio / Sidecar Injection Problems . Everything seems to appear as expected.

I’ve been trying to get more detailed logs from istio but I’m not expert enough to know where to look. Can anyone help point me at the next step?

Thank you


control plane version: 1.10-alpha.040ef05d9d0274f42e9526f83ba8e405fb00be26
data plane version: 1.10-alpha.1afc944fab5c93ed4943b56b6b4ea90444613311 (7 proxies), 1.10-alpha.c8d0879d82c1527fd33f9d7017240d651914e1ba (2 proxies)