Try the PR dashboard -- know whose turn is it to review

Which PRs need my response? And which are waiting for others?

Find out at the PR dashboard:

If you don’t want to grant it the right to know your PR dashboard you can also type your username manually, aka Although this disables the silent ack button (click the Me link at the top to enable).

This uses a few simple heuristics to track whether it is the PR author or reviewers’ turn to respond to a PR. It tracks every public PR in the istio org (as well as a couple other OSS orgs like kubernetes).

It only knows about PRs that have been updated (push/comment/test complete) today. New PRs will appear automatically. Existing PRs will appear once they are updated (for example: edit and save a comment or the PR description).

Please check it out!

Thanks again,
prow oncall

PS: code lives in the gubernator directory of the kubernetes/test-infra repo.

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