Uninstall Istio

I uninstalled Istio following the online documentation, but after 5 minutes I find it again installed. How is it possible?

How did you install? If you installed with helm initially and then removed with kubectl delete -f, helm may reinstall the deployment (but I don’t recall Helm does this).

Another possibility is perhaps your environment is shared in some way and someone else installed? Is this a possibility?

Did you validate Istio was uninstalled in between?

Did you use helm, kubectl, or a mix of these two operations?


Hi Steve,
I don’t know how Istio was installed because I find it installed and I want to remove it, may be with Helm. Would you advise me to try removing it with helm?



You should be able to tell via helm ls which may show you installed versions of Istio. These can be removed with helm delete --purge. It sounds like this gear is shared - I’d urge caution and seek out the individual(s) that are sharing the cluster with you that installed Istio to begin with to sort out your environment.

If you have a choice, I’d recommend using the template+kubectl installation methods. We document the helm methods for completeness, however, helm template and kubectl apply offer better reliability.



I found that this label “heritage: Tiller” so I suppose that it was installed via Helm, but if I wrote helm ls I don’t have any result. I tried manually remove but nothing was happening. What can I do?