Unknown command "manifest" for "istioctl"

Hi all
I am trying to install on my kubernetes cluster with version 1.3.7 and I’ve got the following error message:

istioctl manifest apply                    
Error: unknown command "manifest" for "istioctl"
Run 'istioctl --help' for usage.

The verify shows:

istioctl verify-install

Checking the cluster to make sure it is ready for Istio installation...

#1. Kubernetes-api
Can initialize the Kubernetes client.
Can query the Kubernetes API Server.

#2. Kubernetes-version
Istio is compatible with Kubernetes: v1.16.6.

#3. Istio-existence
Istio will be installed in the istio-system namespace.

#4. Kubernetes-setup
Can create necessary Kubernetes configurations: Namespace,ClusterRole,ClusterRoleBinding,CustomResourceDefinition,Role,ServiceAccount,Service,Deployments,ConfigMap. 

#5. Sidecar-Injector
This Kubernetes cluster supports automatic sidecar injection. To enable automatic sidecar injection see https://istio.io/docs/setup/kubernetes/additional-setup/sidecar-injection/#deploying-an-app

Install Pre-Check passed! The cluster is ready for Istio installation.

Everything is fine, it should work.

What am I doing wrong?


Docs pages have instructions for the current release (1.4 as of today).

If you are installing 1.3, refer to the page: https://archive.istio.io/v1.3/docs/

(You can switch between docs versions by clicking on the gear at top right)