Update ISTIO 1.1.3 to 1.1.6 in K8S 1.14.1


Good morning all,

we updated our K8S cluster in the IBM Cloud running ISTIO-1.1.3 installed via helm template && kubectl apply -f.

I read afterwards, that ISTIO is not officially supporting K8S 1.14.x. So, how would I update ISTIO to 1.1.6 (I would like to update because I would like to work with grafana and kiali and they get an update after 1.1.4) or should one wait until support for 1.14.x excists?

Thank you for your hints.

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Hello @palic,

I have been using the later 1.1.x versions on my 1.14.1 IKS clusters and haven’t seen any issues related to being up level, however that not an it's supported statement. I’m not sure when the testing will commence on 1.14.x, but I do see a PR updating some end to end testing to 1.14. It might be a 1.2 release item.


Hi @ericvn,
thank you for the reply. The running cluster with ISTIO 1.1.3 running well. I would like to update ist to the recent ISTIO version.
Because, I am not sure how to do it, I created a test cluster and installed ISTIO 1.1.3 as I did it in our productive cluster. The sidecar isn’t working in the test cluster but still works in the productive cluster.

In the test cluster I see the issue https://github.com/istio/istio/issues/9504.

Therefor it came to my mind to ask. .-)

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