What is the default Istio IngressGateway for & should it support httpsRedirect?

I could use some guidance on the right way to use the ingressgateway component installed by default with Istio.

In versions of Istio prior to 1.4, we were deploying a separate gateway object with HttpsRedirect to direct all http traffic to https.

I believe it was when we started using istioctl for install (but could be misremembering), that a default ingressgateway was created which includes port 80 with no ability to set a redirect. If I disable this gateway using the istio operator api it turns off lots of other (potentially important) things, but it was conflicting with our other gateway, so we removed the port 80 bits from ours. No more https redirect.

What’s the “right” approach to doing this? Is the ingressgateway simply meant to be a quick start or is it meant to be the template we use to create our gateway? Is the httpsRedirect simply missing and will be added later, or is it omitted for a reason?

Search for httpsRedirect redirect. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I probably didn’t communicate this clearly. I do know what the Gateway does and that it supports redirect. I mean specifically the ingressgateway instance which Istio now creates when installing using the default configuration profile. It already has a port 80 section defined, and afaik no way to provide an httpsRedirect…

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