Where can I find the data of Prometheus?

The monitored data of Prometheus is in TSDB format, and the official page of Prometheus says that the data can be found in local disk and is in the ./data folder. I installed Istio, everything runs perfectly, Prometheus can be accessed through web successfully. But I just can’t find the folder of ./data. So where can I find the stored data of Prometheus?

@Yeezy this question is probably better directed to a prometheus forum. it is going to depend on how you installed Prometheus, etc., and is not an Istio-specific thing for the most part. If you are using the Istio add-on YAML for installation, the storage location should be controlled by istio/prometheus.yaml at 9068a0b77601fd2e595c94be6b363e131a4a947d · istio/istio · GitHub.

Thank you Douglas. I have solved the problem by using remote write through influxdb