Why are there two different helm charts for Istio-IngressGateway


I was checking the Istio install pages and saw that the istioctl install for istio uses the ingressgateway helm chart from /manifests/gateways/istio-ingress/values.yaml

However, the helm install says to use the Chart located at /manifests/gateway/values.yaml for the ingressgateway. I took a look at them, and they seem to be similar, but also a good bit different.

Am I misunderstanding the usage of these two charts? Are they both for creating an ingressgateway?

:man_facepalming: - so the answer was literally in the next file from the same link I posted:

TL;DR - the one under /gateway is newer, the one under /gateways/istio-ingress is a legacy chart. Recommendation is to use the newer chart at /manifest/gateway

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