Action required: please move issues for 1.3 to the 1.3 milestone

Hi Istio community,

  1. As we are getting closer to 1.3 release (September 10th 2019), and its feature freeze which we plan for August 13th 2019, it is expected that all GitHub issues in milestone 1.3 must have a priority set.

  2. In order to prepare for 1.3 release, please move the necessary issues into milestone 1.3 accordingly.

  3. Brian Avery (@bavery), Romain Lenglet and Steven Dake (@sdake) have been approved by the TOC as release managers for 1.3. We will triage the non-prioritized issues and also review for accuracy and realism the issues already prioritized as P0 to P2.

  4. After the feature freeze, only bugfixes will be accepted into 1.3. Following freeze, up to the release date, changes to 1.3 must be approved by a release manager, and any changes that do not have a comment from a release manager will be rolled back.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for helping us to stabilize the 1.3 release!

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FYI, Romain Lenglet’s username is: @rlenglet.

Please note that we just edited this topic. In order to simplify the process, and since many issues were already triaged in milestone 1.3, we no longer have a 1.4 milestone. All issues that are relevant for release 1.3 must be moved into milestone 1.3. All other open issues must be moved into milestone Nebulous Future.