Action required: please move issues for 1.2 to the 1.2 milestone


Hi Istio community,

  1. As we are getting closer to 1.2 release (June 19th 2019) and its feature freeze, that we could reasonably plan for May 22nd 2019, it is expected that all issues must have a priority set.

  2. In order to prepare for 1.2 release, every issues to the milestone 1.2 release have been moved to 1.3, please point the necessary issues back to 1.2 accordingly.

  3. I’m volunteering to work with Josh [a.k.a. duderino], release manager of the 1.1, to triage the non-prioritized issues and also review for accuracy and realism the P0 to P2 already prioritized issues.

  4. After the feature freeze, only bugfix will be accepted to the 1.2.
    Following freeze, up to release date, changes to 1.2 must be approved by the release manager, and any changes that do not have a comment from the release manager will be rolled back.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for helping us to stabilize the 1.2 release!


hi @Francois
where can I see the main features/enhancements of 1.2 release?


There are no major features planned for 1.2 other than support for a future operator-based installer. And to be clear, the operator-based installer will be released after 1.2, we’re just putting enough into 1.2 to make it manageable by the operator-based installer once it’s released.

Otherwise the focus on 1.2 is on automated testing and other release quality improvements. Much work is going on here, but it’s not the sort of thing I would raise up here.