Announcement: Locking down 1.1 release, unlocking master

The TOC met today to discuss the status of the 1.1 branch and next steps to take. We decided the following:

  1. 1.1 is now frozen to everything except bugfixes. Only fixes to existing code in the 1.1 branch will be allowed in.

  2. In order to enforce the freeze, Josh (duderino) is the release czar and representative of the TOC for 1.1. Any changes to 1.1 MUST be approved by Josh. We will rollback any changes that do not have a comment from Josh signing off.

  3. We will merge 1.1 into master and unfreeze master. The timeline for this is a merge on Monday, and once the merge is complete master will be unfrozen. Any changes to 1.1 that go in after the unfreeze will need to be made to master in addition to 1.1.

  4. There were several PRs in the 1.1 branch that went in that were not targeted at 1.1. Sven, Louis and Josh will be going over the PRs that went into 1.1 branch (and pending PRs on 1.1) and identify PRs that should have been in master and not 1.1, and we will be rolling those back from 1.1 branch after the merge to master. This means that code will live on in master but not 1.1.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for helping us to stabilize the 1.1 release!

-Sven, on behalf of the TOC

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The master branch has been unlocked. The bot will start merging approved PRs if they have no conflict.

The release-1.1 branch is now locked, Only bug fix PRs that have Josh (duderino)'s blessing can be merged manually. All approved PRs that are merged to release-1.1 need to be cherry-picked to master.

A couple quick updates:

  • Wencheng has volunteered to be gatekeeper as Josh corrals all of the 1.1 issues. So please include Wencheng (wenchenglu) for approval of any PRs going into 1.1.

  • Louis and I did a pass over the open PRs in 1.1 and the last week or so of 1.1 PRs, and we’ve actually been pretty good about just adding fixes. We’ll follow up on a few items that are questionable as to whether they should target 1.1 or 1.2 (or a 1.1.x).

FYI, Andy will help merge the PRs that are in 1.1 to master EOD this Friday. After that, once your PR is merged to 1.1 branch, please don’t forget to cherrypick this PR to master manually yourself.

Thanks, Wencheng and Andy

The last round of batch merging from release-1.1 to master is done. I have merged all release-1.1 PRs as of 1/26 (Sat) morning in istio, api and proxy to master.

If you have or will have any PR in release-1.1 that is not in master, please cherry-pick.


Please try to associate a 1.1 issue with your PR that you are asking for merge to provide a good justification.

Thanks, Wencheng

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Please ping me (wenchenglu) on slack channel if you have anything urgent to merge into 1.1. There is some issue with my email and I won’t get notification for PR merge requests.

Thanks, Wencheng

FYI: I will be OOO tomorrow. Please ping Sven and duderino for urgent PR merge.

Thanks, Wencheng