Blocked(v 1.6.8) in creating istio-certs(/etc/istio-certs) for prometheus with metadata annotations using config

Unable to fetch the certs for prometheus using the metadata annotations as specifed in istio docs

Istio version : v 1.6.8

annotations: “true” “” # do not intercept any inbound ports “” # do not intercept any outbound traffic | # configure an env variable OUTPUT_CERTS to write certificates to the given folder
OUTPUT_CERTS: /etc/istio-output-certs ‘[{“name”: “istio-certs”, “emptyDir”: {“medium”:“Memory”}}]’ # mount the shared volume ‘[{“name”: “istio-certs”, “mountPath”: “/etc/istio-output-certs”}]’

Any help here would be really helpful

Interesting @Dinesh_N , I am also facing the same issue.

Yeah @varunkrishna - looks like its a bug in istio-1.6.8
Can someone please shed some light here - would be off tremendous help

@howardjohn - Any clue here