Can't scrape metrics using 1.7.3


I am using Istio 1.7.3
I have set peerauthentication to strict mtls

I have followed the instructions here

but it fails for

helm install prometheus /Users/myuser/istio-1.7.3/manifests/charts/istio-telemetry/prometheus -n istio-system
Error: template: prometheus/templates/deployment.yaml:142:45: executing "prometheus/templates/deployment.yaml" at <.Values.meshConfig.defaultConfig.proxyMetadata>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.proxyMetadata

In the deployment, there is the following check to mount the istio-certs

      {{- if and .Values.prometheus.provisionPrometheusCert (not .Values.meshConfig.enablePrometheusMerge) }}
      - mountPath: /etc/istio-certs
        name: istio-certs
      {{- end }}

When I set
to false
I get the error above

Is it possible to scrape metrics in a Mutual TLS istio env in 1.7.3?

have you seen this? Istio / Prometheus

Tnx Nick
I am using 1.7.3 and I did see that link.
Are you suggesting that would work w 1.7.3?
I was going to give it a try but I was skeptical that 1.7.3 would be able to recognize these annotations “” # do not intercept any inbound ports “” # do not intercept any outbound traffic


I tried the 1.9 workaround and no good for me

I did add prom to the mesh and mtls/auth policy all work
prom is still able to successfully access none istio scrape targets such as kube-api-server and cadvisor