Prometheus not scraping Istio mTLS

Hi all, I’ve been working on getting the community kube prometheus stack helm chart deployment to scrape the metrics endpoints from my Istio Strict mTLS enabled cluster. I feel like I’m fairly close to getting it all working as I can see the istiod and envoy endpoints in the Prometheus Service Discovery tab. However I can see that the related target endpoints under the Prometheus Targets tab are failing due to an http ->> https request issue.

I originally posted this issue with all of the details on the prometheus-community/helm-charts Github but haven’t had any replies yet. Considering this is a bit of a grey area between both communities I think it’s probably worth a cross-post, so here it is:

I’ve included the relevant prometheus values config and the istio cr/operator yaml files in the above linked github post.

Any advice on how to help me push this over the finishing line or a steer in the direction of what I might be missing would be much appreciated!