503 error scraping prometheus metrics


Im new to ISTIO. Saw a similar but different version of my problem with Prometheus. Hence starting a new thread.

We are running istio 1.1.3 with the promethus that comes with the default installation. We have mTLS enabled on all of our namespaces.

I am trying to run telegraf ( influx data ) as a pod to scrape the prometheus metrics. My Telegraf Pod gets the 503 Service Unavailable on all the pods.

On Upstream environment where we dont run ISTIO, the pod with exact same configuration is able to scrape the metrics fine.

I saw this thread https://github.com/istio/istio/issues/7352 which talks about pulling the istio certs into ServiceMonitor. I dont think we are planning to go the ServiceMonitor route now.

Is there a way I can pull the same istio certs into my Telegraf Pod and get around the 503 Service Unavailable ?

Can anyone please help me with this ? I would appreciate the help.