Canceled: Policies and Telemetry WG Meeting 2019.27.03


As there are no current agenda items for tomorrow’s WG meeting, and there are already a bunch of Code Mauve meetings scheduled, we are canceling the meeting. We will reconvene in two weeks’ time.

The top priority for P&T is to support the Code Mauve effort by:

  • Improving existing feature coverage in tests (integration and e2e)
  • Work on resolving open issues regarding test failures (link)
  • Augment existing documentation (ideas: add detailed explanation of rate limits, improve FAQ coverage)

I would also remind anyone interested to please take a look at, and provide feedback on, the proposed P&T Roadmap.

A few notes:

  • We are looking for community feedback on the changes in 1.1. Most notably, we are interested in experiences with the on-by-default load-shedding configuration (we are considering possible adjustments to the enforcement policy) and the switch to off-by-default policy enforcement. This will be a topic at our next WG meeting.
  • We are working hard to eliminate most of the mixer-specific CRDs that Istio has depended on. To follow along, see @kuat 's latest PR.

Finally, please take a look at the existing open Policy and Telemetry issues. If you own any, please provide appropriate updates. If there are any (particularly those tagged as bugs or testing gaps) that you would like to claim, please do!

Thanks for listening,

As this is a top priority, could I ask someone to review/merge this?

It’s been sitting here for a while waiting. This is adding new coverage in the form of a new e2e test to confirm the kiali installation.