Bi-weekly meeting

With google group retired, how do I get invited (and get updates about) bi-weekly meeting for the working group?

Also, it seems the meeting notes as google/meet as meeting id while as zoom. Which one is it?

Thanks for highlighting the out-of-date info in the wiki. I’ve updated that now with the correct link. Apologies for forgetting to update that – I should have remembered.

It is an open invite, so attending is just a matter of showing up. As for getting updates, I guess this forum is now the right place for that (though I’m still adjusting). We try to keep decent meeting notes and update the Youtube channel with full meetings (though I’m behind on that at the moment – i lost access to the account for a bit).

No worries, @douglas-reid. Thanks for the updates!

I joined the google/meet last Wednesday but seems the meeting was cancelled (as it timed out after waiting for a but for someone to approve joining in for me). Will the schedule change/update be posted on this forum going forward?

I believe so. I think the TOC was looking into embedding a calendar here to assist.

Sounds good. Thanks @douglas-reid!