Google Meetings or Webex?


The other Istio working groups use Google video meetings. I cannot host Google video meetings from my personal Google account. I can host meetings using (requires browser plug-in). Is everyone OK with


Why not? I can’t use any of the browser plugins I have used so far (bluejeans, google meet, and some other one I forget). Might as well try webex. :-/


I would prefer Google meet (no install required) but webex is fine also.


Either works for me. :wink:


Happy to see Webex, Zoom or BlueJeans. Hangouts/Meet sets my CPU on fire.


I would prefer webex



I’m not sure if you have flashbacks from the old days of webex that were based upon the need to run in a java environment. This was especially painful on Linux as webex only worked with 32 bit versions of the kernel/runtime.

The current webex implementationi works fine on Linux, although there is a lack of screen sharing functionality with the HTML5 based implementation (or was, I haven’t checked lately). I’ve used modern webex with modern chrome (2018+ builds) without issue.

Still I think it would be good that all working groups standardize on tools.


Is it possible you can ping some nice google folks to set you up with a meet account?



April Kyle Nassi set me up with the Istio Zoom account. I did not use it for last week’s meeting. What is the community preference?


Ed, what is the problem you’re having with Google Meet? What doesn’t work?


" Your account only lets you join meetings Learn more"