Code Mauve Proposal

Dear fellow TOC members,

Attached is a proposal for the Istio project to enter Code Mauve: a period of time largely dedicated to improving our engineering processes. Here is a document describing the proposal.

I’m also working on a sister document that contains a long set of specific ideas and recommendations for the work we can do. This is not quite ready to share yet, I should send this over as a follow-on soon. Once we agree on the principles of Code Mauve, we can then look at this set of ideas and decide how to execute on these.

We’ve discussed Code Mauve at length within Google and we’re committed to spend most of our engineering resources on the problem if the TOC deems this a worthwhile goal.


As a follow-up to the original document, here is second complementary document that includes a bunch of ideas to help our processes. The document is still incomplete, and in particular the execution plans shown are not at all complete.

I invite the TOC members or anyone in the community to add new ideas and/or comment on what’s in that document, since I’d like to use this doc to let us decide on the specific work to do to achieve the objectives of the Code Mauve.


@geeknoid I don’t see the link to the second document?

Here are both documents:

Execution Plan

There’s a folder for Code Mauve which has these docs and will have the various proposals we’ll be producing: