Code Mauve Wants You!

Code Mauve is an initiative designed to improve Istio engineering processes and culture. It will be the primary focus of the Istio 1.2 development cycle, and we hope will considerably maximize our ability to deliver robust software on a predictable schedule.

You can learn all about the initiative by browsing the Code Mauve folder which explains the rationale for the initiative and specifies our exit criteria. You’ll also find there an ideas document which has a bunch of ideas we’ve come up with to improve things. If you’ve got more ideas, please add 'em to the doc!

There will be four tiger teams which will each focus on different aspects of our processes:

  • GitHub Workflow
  • Testing Methodology
  • Build and Release Automation
  • Source Code Organization

Code Mauve is being run through our Test and Release working group, with close collaboration with the Technical Oversight Committee. We’re kicking off the initiative this coming Tuesday @ 11:30 PDT where we’ll talk about how this thing will run. Individual tiger teams have their own meetings every 2 weeks to sync up and organize the work.

You can find the kick off meeting and the individual tiger team meetings on the working group calendar.

Come and help us make Istio’s engineering processes the best they can be!

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