Proposal: Docs Working Group

I’d like to propose that we form a new Docs working group.

The charter for this group would be to:

  • Design the information architecture for to optimize the user experience around documentation.

  • Design, implement, and maintain the site infrastructure.

  • Coordinate the production of documentation material for for each release.

  • Design and implement tooling to automate the creation of reference material.

  • Design and implement tooling to improve the quality/reliability of examples and samples on

I nominate myself as the initial lead for this working group. I’d like to ideally get another lead to join the effort.


@geeknoid I’d be interested in contributing to this WG.

Hi Martin, I know we just discussed my nomination to co-lead here on the TOC call, however, I’m flagging here for formality / posterity.

The TOC has approved the formation of the Docs working group. We’ll start regular activity in a couple weeks in our inaugural meeting. Check out this doc for more details on the working group and meeting schedules.


Let me know if there are any events that need to be added to the Istio Community Events calendar as a result of the formation of this working group. I’m happy to assist.


Jason Clark


We now have a bi-weekly Docs working grouop meeting on Thursdays @ 10:00AM PST. It’s on the working group calendar.


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