Contributions to docs from Istio end-users


Hi all!

I’m an engineer at Zendesk, and we’re currently evaluating and experimenting with Istio. So I/we are frequently looking at the docs, trying to understand the concepts and CRDs and how to Get Stuff Done.

In what way would it be useful for me/us to contribute to documentation? Join the meetings? Create Github issues? Post snarky posts on Twitter? Something else?

I think Istio is a great system, and it’s HARD to wrap your brain around. I’d like to contribute to making it easier for whoever comes after me. Any thoughts on how to do that?



Hi Jon,

Contributions to the docs are very much appreciated (snarky posts on Twitter, not so much). The doc contribution process is documented here.

If you’d like to suggest more general changes, like the way the docs are organized, feel free to start discussions here or join the doc WG meetings.



Strong endorse!

I’ve said this many times: making improvements to documentation is an excellent way to get started with an Open Source project. Whether it’s small improvements to existing docs or larger new ‘concept’ docs, every little bit helps.

And when you are just getting started and wrapping your head around this for the first time, you have a great perspective that many of us lose over time as we become so familiar with the system.

Frank’s suggestions are spot on. I just want to encourage you (and anyone else getting started) to take the plunge and make some improvements!