Permissions for wg-docs-maintainers-infra

Hey everyone,
As a temporary workaround to make forward progress, Louis added Frank, Rigs, and Adam to

This group has write access to a lot of repos, however, so we should probably trim this down. Is there a minimal set that makes sense?

Well, I would have liked to have been added to the list as well. Sorry, that’s not a trim down comment.


I have fairly extensive knowledge of the documentation infrastructure. I would prefer to be added to this list, as this is the main role I had planned to take on as a maintainer in docs-wg until a full time replacement for Martin can be found. If there are existing ACL problems with the docs infrastructure, we can discuss that and I’ll work in the short term to remove or limit write access to the repos where the write access is present. Not fully understanding the problem, I will need a list of the problem points.

I do not want to be a SPOF, however, so the list you have proposed (plus Eric) makes sense. These individuals are deeply trusted within Istio and I am absolutely positive they can handle the responsibility.

Ok folks - I have submitted a PR for this:

As far as trimming down for write access to a lot of repos, I don’t see this being a unique issue for wg-docs-maintainers-infra members because I checked the doc maintainers group members (which all proposed 5 folks are) also have the write access to a lot of repos.

BTW Nathan, John has helped us with a PR process to add folks as maintainers to different groups. The istio team in github aren’t used now.


They are still used, its just managed by the config in the community repo. If you make direct changes there they will get reverted eventually

Great, thanks for the PR Lin! The list lgtm