New Istio UX workgroup


Hi Folks,

I proposed to the TOC to form a new Istio UX workgroup [1] that focuses on improving Istio’s overall user experience. Thanks to many of you who have shown great interest and support of the formation of the workgroup, the new UX workgroup was approved for incubation by the TOC last Friday!!

I have asked Ed Snible from IBM to help to get us together to discuss these important topics so please expect to see invites from him! The expectation is that the workgroup will work closely with our users, present to TOC on the findings/recommendations and work closely with our existing workgroups to improve Istio.

[1] New Usability WG proposal



This is great news, Lin, thanks!


Great work Lin! Thanks for taking the lead and getting the approval. Look forward to collaborating on this front.


Hi, I’m Ed Snible. Many of you know me from the Networking working group. I have been working on Istio since 0.1.

Unless anyone objects I will propose 2pm 10am PST Tuesdays, every two weeks or as needed, for meetings.


How can I join the meeting? I’m interested about the efforts to improve the debuggability of Istio. Thanks!


Hi, thank you for the initiative. I am interested mainly by documentation and production feedbacks and recommendation and I would like to join the group.


Your recognition of the challenges a powerful project like Istio faces in terms of time-to-value, amount to learn, ease of troubleshooting, etc. and initiative taken to steward the project past these hurdles is much appreciated, Lin!